How to design a website around your business goals

Audio notes

Questions to ask yourself before deciding to redesign your website:

  • Is my website an accurate reflection of who I am now or who I was years ago?
  • Does my website attract the right clients with the right budget?
  • Is my website converting well? (Turning visitors into subscribers, clients and customers?)
  • Is my website easy to navigate?
  • Does my website have a high or low bounce rate? 

How often should you redo your site?

I discourage you from redoing your site willy nilly unless you have a good reason to do so, like your site isn’t attracting the right clients etc. 

But guess what? Your business is yours. YOU own it. You’re your own boss, you don’t have to listen to me or anyone else. 

If you want to redo your website a few months after you already did, do it if that’s what you really want to do. 

Just beware that clients and blog readers will get confused if you keep redesigning. Consistency is key.  

How can you design a website around your goals?

This is the most important part of this entire lesson. If you don’t design a website around your goals, you’ll need to redesign your website again very soon. 

Here’s how I made sure I designed my site around my goals (and I do this with my clients too):

I wrote out my top 3 website goals. I want you to do the same, whether you’re redesigning your site or not. It will help you see if you need to.  

Wireframes: Head this way to download a gorgeous (and free) set of wireframes. 

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