How to design a website that stands out in an oversatured industry

Audio notes

Ways to stand out in your niche:

  • Look at the theme (or general website layout) everyone else is using in your niche- and choose something else.
  • Inject your personality into your website.
  • Look for things others don’t include in their website, and include it on yours.
  • Look at other people’s packages and see how you can make yours different.
  • OWN whatever you do and get super specialized.
  • Look for small ways to make your website different.

Tabitha Emma: Tabitha is the designer I mentioned who keeps her website really personal. Check out her About page as a great example!

The Suitcase Entrepreneur: The podcast mentioned in the audio lesson. If you love travel (like me!) you'll love this. 

Nose Graze: Ashley specializes in Wordpress. Take a look at her site to see how she rocks specialization (and take notes!)


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