Masterclass: Use Your Contract To Book High Quality Clients


In this month’s masterclass I talked with special guest, Annette Stepanian*, an Attorney At Law. Watch or listen to learn how contracts help you close the deal with high-quality clients, and exactly what to include in your design contract.

(If you're looking for a reliable contract template, look no further than Annette's contract for designers!*)

Topics discussed:

  • Breakdown of the main masterclass lessons (8:17)
  • In your contract, specify the services to be performed (14:%5)
  • In your contract, add your payment terms (20:55)
  • What do I do if a client says she loves the design then tears it to pieces? (31:30)
  • 4 contract strategies to help minimize client delays (33:01)
  • Understanding copyright (37:40)
  • Should you have a contract for free/volunteer work? (44:34)
  • Will approval forms frighten clients away? (47:24)
  • If I transfer the copyrights to my client, can I still use the work in my portfolio? (51:20)
  • Do you need a license to establish your copyright or is everything you create automatically copyrighted? (53:10)
  • Are all lawyers scary and crazy-expensive? (55:55)
  • Besides disappearing when it's time to sign the contract, what are other red flags that show a client may be a nightmare to work with?(59:24)
  • Listen to your gut when taking on clients (1:45:00)
  • Does Annette provide help for 'subcontracting' contracts? (01:02:45)
  • Do you send design approval forms after every round of revisions? (01:02:46)
  • Can I resend new contracts to clients who have already signed my old contract? Should I get them to sign my new contract? (01:03:39)

Who is Annette Stepanian?


"My name is Annette. I'm a lawyer for entrepreneurs.

I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to run a small business after successfully running my own creative business. Today, I combine my passions for law and small business to teach other creative professionals & entrepreneurs how to lay a proper legal foundation for their business."

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