Does this sound like you?

You started freelancing because you wanted to be your own boss, get paid to do what you love, and work from the comfort of your bed. I mean, workspace. *Cough cough*

There’s just one problem.

Freelancing is suuuuper stressful.

You want to freelance, but you don't even know where to start.

Finding clients is a game everyone seems to understand but you.

You're not making enough money, but you're afraid no one will hire you if you raise your rates.

And getting clients to pay you on time is like tearing yourself away from a 6-hour binge session of Scandal: not going to happen. *That show is awesome.*

Do you sometimes wonder if it would be easier to get a day job, or stick with the one you haven't left yet?

You could leave all the payment-chasing and following-up to someone else and just collect your payslip at the end of each month. Seems simpler, right?

Wondering how I read your thoughts just then?

Well, I’m no Jedi mindreader. But I understand exactly how you feel because I’ve been there.


Hey, friend! I’m Nesha. 

2012: I became a full-time freelance graphic designer at the age of 18 with no design degree and zero business experience. Just a pretty blog and a handful of lovely readers who liked my blog design and were willing to pay me to design theirs!

2015: I had created a service-based business that didn’t eat up all my time, so I used my free time to make and sell a six figure course teaching other freelancers how to organize their business.  *Nerd alert. I love me some spreadsheets + organization!*

2015 - 2018: I built my income to a level that allowed me to do my favourite thing: travel! I took my business on the road and traveled to Thailand, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, South Korea, Japan, Austria  and Italy, spending as long as three months in some of them.

After hearing SO many freedom-chasing women talk about how they’d love to start freelancing so they can live their dream lifestyle, I decided to put my experience to good use and create courses, content and a Facebook community of epic women to help them turn their dreams into reality.


My mission: To teach creative women to profitably freelance online so they can live the lifestyle they crave. Lives of more freedom, travel, creativity and family time!


I believe…

  • Every woman is capable of creating a freelance business that fires her up inside and gives her the freedom she craves. 
  • WHY is more important than HOW. If you focus on why you want to freelance and why you need it to succeed, the ‘how’ becomes a million times clearer.
  • You should define your own version of success. It doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s.
  • You don’t have to work more or work harder to make more money. You need to work smarter.

time for the fun facts!


I'm From… England, but I travel a lot so you may find me working from cafes in South Korea or poolsides in Nicaragua.

Business Love Language: Transparency

Favourite Disney Movie: Beauty & The Beast

I Want To Live In A World Where…

→ We get paid to binge-watch Netflix. 

→ Caffeine is good for you.

→ Wine has zero calories.

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