Social Splash: Helping Freelancers Find Clients Through Social Media


Do you want to get out of a slow stage and start booking clients?

Are you ready to finally get booked out?

In my book, Social Splash, I'll teach you how to find clients on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and live streaming platforms- the four places I find my own clients. 

You'll learn the strategies I put in place that got me booked out for six months, the no.1 Facebook group that gives me clients, how to get potential clients from social media into your sales funnel + much more!

This book is perfect for you if you're...

  • A new freelancer who desperately needs to start booking clients.
  • An experienced freelancer who wants to get booked out.
  • Going through a slow stage and worrying if your business will stay afloat.
  • Dreaming of quitting your day job to start freelancing, but unsure how you're going to find clients.
  • Scared that freelancing won't work out and you'll have to get a day job soon. 
  • Baffled by the amount of freelancers you see who are constantly booked out, and wondering- how??

Social Splash is a 100-page ebook + 5 podcast interviews teaching you my strategies for finding clients through social media and getting booked out. 

What life is like after Social Splash:

  • Clients come knocking down your digital door (aka. flooding your inbox with inquiries).
  • You get booked out for 2-6 months and never have to worry about being unable to pay your rent. Ever. 
  • You have to take down your contact form and replace it with a 'I'm currently booked out, sorry!' message.
  • You sleep well, knowing you have enough clients booked in to live a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle. 

This book includes 9 major lessons:

  1. The one thing you MUST have for social media marketing to work.
  2. How to streamline your social profiles & look like a pro.
  3. How to brand & design your social profiles so make the best first impression on potential clients. 
  4. How to find clients on Facebook.
  5. How to find clients on Pinterest.
  6. How to find clients on Twitter.
  7. How to find clients via live streaming on social media platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram.
  8. How to get clients to stick around once they've clicked through to your website.
  9. How to get clients from social media and into your sales funnel.

You'll also get...

  • Worksheets you can print out and fill in to help you build a social marketing plan + find clients.
  • Checklists and lists of my favorite tools & resources so you can find the tools to help automate your social marketing process. 
  • Screenshots, examples and step-by-step tutorials.
  • A readymade social media schedule telling you exactly what to post and when. 

But the goodies don't stop there...

You'll also receive 5 podcast interviews with Maya Elious, Heather Crabtree, Alisha Nicole, Kayla Hollatz and Rekita Nicole on the social media platforms that convert the best for their businesses!


What happens after I buy the book?
You'll receive an email with the link to download the book and a password to the page of podcast interviews. 

Will this book work even if I'm not a freelancer?
I wrote this book with freelancers in mind because I'm a freelance designer myself. However, the lessons and strategies I've shared in the book will work for all service-based businesses.

Will the strategies in this book work no matter who my target market is?

What are your terms of service?
Due to the digital nature of this book, no refunds are available. 



I love the way Nesha writes- it’s concise and easy to read, as well as implement! The advice she has given has been of huge benefit to my business, no question. - Louisa Wheeler


I've been following Nesha for years now and continue to be impressed with the content and knowledge she spreads to fellow aspiring freelancers. Her tips and advice are always on point and she delivers information in an easy-to-digest manner! Nesha is just the kind of business mentor any freelancer is in need of when paving their own path in the world! - Alyssa Barilar

Nesha provides intuitive advice written in a digestible manner which I LOVE because it doesn't overwhelm me. I started my freelance business out of necessity and didn't have much help; the only advice I actually resonated with was Nesha's. I've handled a very scary client situation early this year with Nesha's advice and it went so well that the way I handled it actually won me other clients! The confidence I now have is definitely a result of Nesha's wise words. - Kayleigh Hall

Nesha is brilliant. She’s always on hand to give spot-on advice that's simple and easy to understand. She's one of a few people I would definitely turn to for business/freelance advice! - Krishna Solanki