How To Market Your Design Services On Instagram

In this month’s masterclass we talked with my special guest, Liz White, about how to market your design business on Instagram.

Topics discussed:

  • Personal verses business Instagram accounts (6:32)
  • Using stock photos (14:06)
  • How to get traffic to your Instagram account (20:59)
  • How to plan posts strategically (24:35)
  • How often to post (32:56)
  • How to find hashtags (39:35)
  • How to use Instagram to sell - without feeling sleazy! (42:45)
  • How to connect with potential clients (54:24)
  • How often to post stories (57:33)


  • Preview App- Free of charge. Use this app to plan your Instagram feed and schedule your posts.
  • Mosaico- Small one-time purchasing fee. This is an alternative to Preview App.
  • Link Tree- Create multiple links to use on your Instagram profile and in your posts
  • Stock Photography- Like the look of Liz’s Instagram profile? She mostly uses stock photos. Check out her recommendations by clicking this link.
  • Liz’s Instagram- Want to see Liz’s Instagram profile? It’s awesome at converting followers into clients and email subscribers!
  • Nesha’s Instagram- Check out my Instagram profile and follow me to watch my daily Instagram stories.

Who is Liz White?

Liz is a creative strategist, designer, and fellow savvy entrepreneur. She helps her clients impress their audience, stand out from the competition and make more sales.

Liz’s sweet spot isdesigning sales pages (and boy, is she good at it!). To learn more, visit her website or check her out on Instagram!

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