The Brand Discovery Course
A free 6-day email course

Whether you're an online shop owner, freelancer, coach, blogger or simply aspiring to be one of those one day, there's one thing we all need to succeed:

A profitable brand. 

You may be at a stage right now where...

  • You don't really know what sets your business apart from your competitors.
  • You don't feel laser-clear on what your brand message is and what difference you're going to make. 
  • You haven't honed in on who your 'tribe' is yet. 
  • You lack a unique brand style or voice. 
  • You don't even feel like you have a brand. 

If you feel that way then my free 6-day Brand Discovery course is here for the rescue! (And trust me- it's good.)

Through my course I'll teach you:

  • Why branding is more important than you've EVER realized- especially if you're 'just another freelancer'.
  • How to turn your audience into raving super-fans.
  • How to establish a unique and authentic brand vision and voice.
  • Three reasons why your dream clients aren't hiring you (and how to fix that.)
  • How to find your signature brand style.
  • And lots more awesomeness!

Don't just take my word for it...

If it's so great, why is it free?

I can remember a time a four years ago when I could barely afford a Mcdonald's meal because I'd quit my job and was trying to become a freelance designer. I couldn't afford eBooks or courses; I would have LOVED it if someone had offered me a free course. If there's anyone out there who's in a similar position now, this is for you. 

Who am I?

Hi there! I'm Nesha Woolery. For four years I've been a freelance designer, helping femtrepreneurs create beautiful brands and websites. I got to a point where I charged premium prices, didn't need to take on any more than one client at a time and was booked out six months in advance.

Now, I help freelancers accomplish the same thing through books, courses and my community.