Why your business needs a killer website

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It's not alright to have an OK website anymore. It has to stand out. It has to speak volumes to The People, your people! If people visit your website and aren't fussed about whether or not to hire you- if they feel indifferent towards you- then you're dead meat. Indifference in the world of online business means death. In order for your online biz to survive, it needs to crack a punch. 

You need to rocket your online identity from uninspiring to unbelievable. 

That's where web designers like me come in (hehe, wink wink).

But first, lets settle those oh-so-wrong doubts in the back of your mind that are deviously trying to persuade you that your mediocre, bland excuse of a website will do. It won't. Truuuuuust me. Here's why:

1. Say I'm looking for a life coach who can teach me how to follow my dreams and start my own dream business. I come across one life coaching site with an interactive design, gorgeous colours, witty copy and pages full of behind-the-scenes action and testimonials from girls just like me who who've worked with this coach and reaped the benefits. Then I visit a site that offers the exact same service, for an even lower price, but their website is dark and hard to navigate, their copy is boring and there aren't many pages. Who am I going to hire, even if means forking out an extra couple hundred quid? Hint: it's not the latter.

2. You don't need to hire a designer like me to craft the perfect website, although its well worth it. If you're really strapped for cash, visit Blogmilk or Sitehouse for inexpensive blog and website templates. Sure, there are going to be people out there with the same design as you but for the time being that's OK. Hire a designer at a later stage. 

3. It's difficult to find your perfect clients. Why make it harder with a crappy website? Your website should be reeling in potential clients while you sleep. Your website should be generating a buzz and excitement in people's stomachs, it should be enticing your most profitable clients!

People who don't see the true value of quality web design are losing out on a real money-maker. Surpass them by making your online presence irresistible to the people that matter.

Have you ever invested in quality web design for your business? If not, why not? Let us all know in the comments!

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