Why Do You Blog?

Once I asked myself why I blogged, I unlocked an entire treasure chest of opportunities. Before I'd considered this question, I blogged because it was something I had to do. Everyone biz owner did it! I'd been a blogger since I was 14; it was just something I knew how to do.

I blogged without goals and without a vision of what blogging could accomplish for my business.

My personal style blog bought in a bit of money from advertising, and I was often sent free gifts from companies like Free People and Joules in exchange for blog reviews, but my business blog (this one) never bought in money, rarely bought in clients and barely ever got opt-ins.

I started to feel like I was slaving at a blog and getting nothing in return. It felt worthless. Pointless. I even stopped blogging regularly because I felt I was wasting my time!

But about a month ago, on a coach on the way home from London, I stopped and asked myself Why do I blog? Seriously. Why?

From then, things started to change.

I blog because I want to establish expertise in my industry.

I blog because I want to build a community of freelance girls who will help and support each other.

I blog because I want to build my newsletter list.

I blog because I want to make new friends through it.

These are my main reasons. And that makes them my goals, too. 

Once I understood why I blog, I could make changes to my blog to accomplish those goals.

My blog still has a looooong way to go. My blog goals are constantly changing (which is good!) so I feel my blog design and structure needs to change soon to accommodate for my new goals. But now that my blog has purpose, I feel so much happier to continue blogging regularly. I enjoy writing posts and sharing things with you guys! I've made a lot of friends through this blog and I've helped a lot of aspiring freelancers to reach out and grasp their freelance dream. I intend to continue doing that!

I've realized one key thing that changed how I view blogging and my blogging efforts:

We shouldn't be blogging more, we should be blogging smarter. {Click to twee this}

Streamlining our blog goals and simplifying our focus makes for smarter blogging.

So tell me in the comments, what are your blog goals for this year? What goals have you already accomplished?

Nesha Woolery

I build beautiful brands & websites for passionate entrepreneurs!