When should you invest in a blog designer?

when should you invest in a blog designer
when should you invest in a blog designer

When should you invest in a blog designer? When you start your first blog it can be very tempting to splash cash on it straight away in an attempt to get a 'head start', but it's nearly always best to settle into the blogging world before you spend money on your blog- especially if you plan to blog for a hobby and not for an income (tweet this)! Throughout your blogging journey you are going to change and so are your blogs goals. So, before hiring a blog designer to create a beautiful online space for you, try focusing on these areas:

Build blog traffic

You need to know if your blog can succeed before investing money in it, so try your best to build up your traffic. Utilize social media sites to direct people to your blog, make friends with other bloggers and guest blog for them, purchase small ad spaces on well-known blogs... There are a million ways to get your name known in the beautiful world of blogging!

Find your voice and your style

When you invest in a professional design you need to be clear on your style and your target reader so your designer can cater to that. What tends to happen a lot in blogging (and life in general!) is we start off with one style (for me it was frills, watercolors and pink) and grow into a different style (like simple, modern and clean). It's a shame to invest in a design that you grow out of, so wait until you feel comfortable with the style you've settled in to.

Monetize your blog

Blogging as a hobby is great! I've been a blogger for years and started out doing it as a hobby. But  you will eventually accumulate blogging fees, one of those being a professional blog design. Try monetizing your blog to help cover these fees. Monetizing isn't as evil as some believe. ;)

Take baby steps with your design

I don't want you to own an ugly blog while you're building your traffic and monetizing! That just hinders your progress. Consider buying a pre-made blog template, or purchasing a small blog design package. You can always invest in a larger package in the future.

Then invest in a blog designer

When you feel ready to up your game and develop your blogging adventure, approach a designer and discuss your project. Trust me when I say that your blog will leap and jump miles further with a professional and totally unique design. But only approach a designer when you're totally sure and committed! I know it seems strange that a blog designer is actually telling you to wait a little while and not pouncing on your project, but I want to work with folks that are sure and ready. I don't want to waste anyone's time or money- neither does any other designer!

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Comment and let me know how long you've been blogging and how you're finding it. When did you feel ready to hire a professional designer?

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