5 questions to ask yourself before you redesign your website

If you've visited my website within the last week then you've probably noticed a few changes.

Aside from my logo, everything has changed: my colours (kinda), my pages, my design packages, my pricing and my Squarespace template (I now use the 'Charlotte' template in case you want to know!)

Let me explain why I decided to refresh my website.

My business has evolved a lot over the last twelve months and my community is getting bigger and bigger (which I feel so blessed for!)

I can feel my business growing at a rapid pace and outgrowing my old website.

I needed a website that still maintained my feminine style, but also felt more professional and more capable of representing my business as it continues to grow and mature. 

My website isn't complete yet and there are still a few tweaks that need to be made, but when is a launch ever 100% perfect?

Is it time you redesigned your own website?

There are lots of creatives who redesign their website just because they fancy a change.

That shouldn't be the main reason why you redesign.

If it is, you'll most likely end up redesigning again within the next 6 months. And really- who has time for that?!

There are five questions I believe you should ask yourself before redesigning your website:

1. Is my website an accurate reflection of who I am or who I was?

If your website is reflecting who you were and not who you are, it's going to halt your business growth.

In order for your business to head in the direction you want it to, attract the kind of clients you want, and bring in the amount of money you want, your website needs to lead the way.

You can't expect clients to happily pay top money ($5000 - $10,000) for your pro services if your site makes you look like an amateur.

If you aren't confident designing your own brand and website, invest in a designer who can handle it for you. 

2. Does my website attract the right clients with the right budgets?

Let's say you're a graphic designer and you want to start working with high-end entrepreneurs and charging about $3000 - $5000 for your services.

If your website is girly, cute and filled with Etsy shop banners you designed for $50 each, do you think high-end entrepreneurs are going to hire you?

A website like this would need an overhaul before it could start attracting your dream clients.

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3. Is my website converting well?

Do you get many email subscribers from your site?

Do you get a constant flow of client inquiries, or do you only see tumbleweed?

Does your site make many sales, or do you just hear crickets

If your website isn't converting well, it's usually because of your design. Your website design has to lead your visitors where you want them to go. Each page should have one specific goal, and the page should have a strong call to action (aka. an instruction that causes your visitors to act on something), helping you achieve that goal.

Take a look at my blog.

One of my main website goals is to build my list. So my blog is now totally tailored to that goal. I have two opt-ins at the top of the page, an opt-in in the footer, and content upgrades in all blog posts.

My blog was converting pretty well before, but I'm hoping conversions will double now I've designed my blog around my goal.

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4. Is my website easy to navigate?

If navigation is the only problem your website has, you probably don't need a complete overhaul- but you need to make some tweaks.

Visitors who land on your website should be led where you want them to go.

On my website, visitors on my homepage are led to do either opt in to my list, learn about me, or learn about working with me. There are no Instagram feeds, no blog posts- nothing to detract from my two main goals.

Ask five people to visit your site and tell you what they did first, second and third. If they took the actions you wanted, hurray for you! No changes needed. But if they didn't, think about making some website updates soon.

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5. Does my website have a high or low bounce rate?

Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site after only visiting one page.

If your bounce rate is high, it could be because your website hasn't been designed to encourage visitors to stick around and explore. The cause could be a boring website, an overwhelming website, an ugly website, or simply a website that doesn't give your visitors what they're looking for.

Log into your Google Analytics account to see what your bounce rate is. From there, you'll be one step closer to understanding if you need to redesign your website.

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