The most popular & pointless new year goal

The most popular and pointless new year goal
The most popular and pointless new year goal

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In December and January, everyone starts sharing their goals for the new year, which I LOVE reading. But there is one goal popping up in many blogs that saddens me a little bit. A goal that barely has any significance to the success of a business. A goal that sucks away people's time, energy and efforts yet barely provides any results.

I'm talking about the goal of 'becoming popular' in your niche.

In my humble opinion and experience, it is a worthless goal. At the end of the day, having thousands of blog followers, Facebook likes and Twitter followers isn't necessarily going to earn you more money and book more clients (tweet this). Funnily enough, you'll find that the unpopular ones in your niche, (ie. the ones with bags of talent but no huge following) are probably the ones who earn the most, have the best clients and have the best successes. Why? Because they've dedicated their time to more worthy goals. Goals that will actually have a meaningful impact on their business,  like:

- Finally finishing their business plan (something that most of us creatives put off for a loooong time!) - Launching an online shop to supplement their income - Reading less blogs, so they can focus on creating, not curating. - Crafting amazing client experiences, from the moment people inquire to the second their project is complete. - Selling ad spaces on their blog - Launching classes on Skillshare (like the ones we recently talked about!) - Enrolling in online and local classes to build on the skills and knowledge they already have.

The point? Don't go chasing figures, and don't get distracted by popularity. When you're in the middle of a beautiful blogging community like the one we have, it can easily be done. Instead, focus on improving your skills and your business. Focus on booking up months in advance. Focus on providing your clients with an amazing experience. Focus on you. Popularity means nothing if you haven't got these things down.

Have you ever found yourself chasing popularity instead of focusing on more important goals? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!

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