The 7 best places to put opt-in forms on your website

The 7 best places to put opt-in forms on your website. You'll grow your list a lot faster if you use some of these website tips!

Email marketing has totally exploded over the last eighteen months. 

Seriously, ridiculously exploded.

Building an email list is a great way for small business owners to get up close and personal with their most loyal followers.

When someone fills in your opt-in form and gives you permission to enter their inbox every week, it's their way of saying 'I love your message and I want you to teach me more. Talk to me. Send me goodies. Sell me stuff!!'

You may be thinking that no one would ever think that, but it's true.

When people opt in to receive your newsletters, they're going from being part of your audience to being part of your community. And when they feel like they belong with you and your tribe, they're way more likely to listen to you, provide you with valuable feedback, see you as an expert, hire you and buy from you. 

Why is a newsletter more effective than a blog?

In my opinion, you are faaaar better off investing your time in building an email list over a blog, and here's why:

  • You own your email list. It's yours. You can export the emails of all your subscribers and save them so they're yours to keep, whereas your blog could go down at any time. If you don't get it back, you've lost your audience; the audience that helps you to put food on the table!
  • People open emails more often. Your audience is way more likely to open an email than read a blog post. When a message pops up in your inbox it's very hard to ignore it or delete it without at least opening it first. 
  • With a newsletter, it's all about the content. Your call to action (the link you want people to click on in your email to take them to your product, website, or sales pages) is the only thing they can click on (other than, you know, unsubscribe.) But on a blog, your visitors can become distracted by all kinds of things. 

The 7 best places to put newsletter forms on your website

I recently wrote of 4 ways to get more newsletter subscribers from your website using smart tactics like offering a freebie to entice people to sign up, or making your opt-in boxes bright and noticeable.

Today, I want to talk less about tactics and more about position.

Your website is loaded with places to put your opt-in forms but I want us to focus on just 7 places today. After all, I don't want your website to go newsletter-crazy!

These are the top five places you should put opt-in forms. I've tried these opt-in positions on my own website and on my client's websites and they've gone down a treat!

1. Your cover page

I like to think of a cover page as a classier alternative to pop-up forms. A cover page is a simple page that comes up before people enter your site, and it only gives them two options: continue to the website or sign up for a freebie. It's an opt-in that no one can ignore and it makes you seem pretty professional!

Sian has a beautifully designed cover page that offers her visitors access to her library of resources. Who could see that page and not subscribe?!

Since adding a cover page with an opt-in to my website, my newsletter list has grown by an extra 10 people per day. That's an extra 70 subscribers per week! 

Want to learn how to create your own insanely converting cover page? I have a video tutorial just for you! Just enter your deets and you'll be sent it asap.

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2. Above the fold on your homepage

'Above the fold' is the portion of your website that's visible without scrolling down. In other words, the top half of your website.

Need a nifty example? Amanda has an opt-in right below her banner image that immediately grabs the attention of her visitors! 

If you're a Squarespace user there is one very simple way of adding an opt-in above the fold:

The announcement bar.

Enable your announcement bar and link it to a page with your opt-in form on it (or use a Leadbox).

If you link to a page instead of a Leadbox, go all out and fill your page with enticing copy that convinces people they must get your freebie. If people have said good things about your freebie, you could even add their feedback as a testimonial on your page! 

Even though you're not selling anything, it's sometimes nice to show off your lead magnet like a paid product- especially if it's just as valuable as one.

3. Your footer

If you want to place extra emphasis on your newsletter, why not add an opt-in to your footer? When visitors reach the end of a long page (like your blog or sales page) they'll see your opt-in and be reminded to sign up!

As you can see from the screenshot above, Sarah has a bright and gooorgeous footer with an opt-in in it, reminding her visitors to sign up for extra advice.

If you're going to add an opt-in to your footer, try and advertise a different lead magnet to the other opt-in forms on your website. If a visitor wasn't intrigued by the lead magnet they saw at the top of your site, they might be interested in this one!

4. Your sidebar

Guys, my sidebar opt-in is one of my most popular opt-ins. My cover page gets the most subscribes, then my blog posts and then this.

I hear a lot of bloggers telling people not to bother putting an opt-in in their sidebar because people never notice it- but they will if you add an image of your freebie.

It's funny how something so small can make such a huge difference to the amount of subscribes your opt-in gets, but people like seeing an image of what they're going to get when they sign up! Images also catch the eye of your visitors a lot better than plain ol' opt-in boxes- especially the same old Squarespace opt-in boxes everyone has on their sites. 

5. Your contact page

Sometimes, people get reeeeally close to getting in touch about your services. They go through your portfolio, check out your services, start to fill out your contact form and suddenly decide not to. 

Why not include an opt-in form on your contact page for people who aren't sure about working with you yet? It doesn't have to be big. It could just be a button below your contact form that says 'Not ready to work together yet? Sign up for more info!'

Want to take this one step further?

You could set up an automated email series that only sends to people who subscribe from your contact page, and you could fill it with info and testimonials about you and your services. If they weren't convinced about working with you before your email series, they'll be super excited to take the plunge after it!

6. Your blog posts. 

One really effective way of building your email list is by placing an opt-in in your blog posts.

You could create an upgrade that follows on from your blog post and tell your readers they can get the upgrade if they sign up. 

Jamie does a really great job of this! As pictured above, she creates images that show her readers the upgrade they can receive. When people click on the image, a Leadpages opt-in box pops up!

Here's something to remember though: don't just add your content upgrade to the bottom of your blog posts. You should add your content upgrade to your post multiple times. If your blog post is 1000 words, add it twice. If it's more than 1500 words, you can get away with adding it three times. 

Advertise your content upgrade in your blog post graphics so that people who see your graphic on Pinterest will immediately see how value-packed it is!

7. Your Start Here page.

Do you have a start here page? Start here pages are great for infopreneurs and other online business owners who have lots of information on their websites, like Regina!

Regina uses her Start Here page to build her list and provide her visitors with easy-to-find, actionable content on the topics they're looking for.

Sometimes, a website with so much information can overwhelm its visitors. A Start Here page tells visitors of the best blog posts to read and the best products to buy. 

You could also use your Start Here page to tell visitors to sign up for your lead magnet!

So, those are the 7 best places to put newsletter forms on your website. There are lots of other places you can put them, and I'd be super happy if you'd tweet me a few of your favorites @neshadesigns!  

I've made a video tutorial that takes you to the backend of my website and shows you how to set up your very own Squarespace cover page. It's super easy to do and it could potentially double the amount of subscribes you get per month!

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