Should you niche your business?

should you niche your business
should you niche your business

Have you ever wanted to niche your business, but felt too scared that you'll fail? That no one will be interested in your newly-niched biz? That you'll be left with no clients and no money?

I'll let you in on a little secret: The first time I chose a niche for my business, it failed. Miserably. My worst nightmare came true: I chose a niche, and NO ONE was inquiring about my services. I found myself with 0 clients and barely any money in my bank account.

Fun fact: the niche I chose then was the exact same niche I've recently chose (brand design for women entrepreneurs.) So how come it failed then, but it’s worked now?

I did some reflecting and here's why it failed the first time...

  1. I didn't truly know what I wanted or what my brand identity was. I know now that you must not niche (specialize) your business if you're not 100% sure. It may suit some people to leap right into a niche. But if you're having doubts, then don't do it just yet. Instead, experiment with a variety of services/products! Find out which ones you love and hate. When the time is right, ditch the ones you hate and focus solely on the services you love.
  2. I didn't have an effective website. Many of you may not remember the website I'm referring to because I didn't have it for very long (thank goodness). I was swept along with the one-page website trend and found myself with a website that wasn't clear and didn't hold enough information to convince people that I was the designer for them.
  3. I was overpriced. Who wants to pay $$$$'s for a service that isn't clear and a website that doesn't back up your brand and your expertise?

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So, what did I do differently this time to niche my business successfully?

  1. I spent the year un-niched. I spent 2014 doing every design service under the sun so I could discover what I loved and what I wanted to ditch. Even though I chose to stick with the niche I'd chosen in the beginning, I think it's worth spending time un-niched because you never know what services you might discover you love. This un-niched year also allowed me to focus on building my client list.
  2. I improved my marketing. If you don't market yourself and your services to the right people, then no clients will come banging down your inbox door, no matter how cleverly you've niched your business.
  3. I booked clients in advance. If you want to niche your business, make sure you're booked out a few months in advance. Then niche.
  4. I niched and rebranded at the same time. Rebrands are magical. When you rebrand, it's like you've breathed life into a stale business, and suddenly people are drawn to you and wanting to book you. If you rebrand and niche at the same time, your business will gain a lot attention from your ideal clients.

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You don't have to stick with that niche if it isn't working for you.

I removed custom website design from my business to focus on brand design. But you know what? My clients were still interested in adding website design to their projects. So I added a 'website setup' package to my Work With Me page to replace custom website design. Instead, I  customize their Wordpress theme with their new branding and content, and I set up the website for them. My clients love it!

Your turn...

Are you thinking about choosing a niche for your business? What's stopping you? What are you scared of? Leave a comment and let me know!

Nesha Woolery

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