Quitting your day job

Quitting your day job takes balls. But there comes a point when you simply don't have the time or energy to work behind a desk all day, then sit behind a computer all night working on your side business (not to mention fit in the house cleaning and the food shopping!)

You have to decide how serious your business is, and how much it means to you. If it really means that much, quit fumbling your way through life, get off your bum and do something about it!

There is never a right time to quit your day job, just a more convenient time.  So before quitting, get a head start on starting your own beautiful business by completing these tasks:

  • Set up a business bank account.
  • Get your business blog designed. We've already discussed why your business needs a kick ass blog, so go get yourself one! You'll reap the rewards later in business life.
  • Get a website designed. Whether you're a photographer, boutique owner, life coach or babysitter, you'll be needing a website.
  • Get other necessary marketing tools designed and printed, like business cards and flyers.
  • Create a business plan. We'll discuss how to create a business plan another day!
  • Get your business on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You could even start creating a buzz about your business before its started by using these sites to promote yourself and what you'll be offering.

Completing these tasks before you quit your day job will relieve some of the pressure when you actually quit and start doing your own thing.

But what about the actual quitting? I won't lie. Its scary. Its scary telling your boss that you're leaving and you're going to do your own thing. Its scary thinking that you won't have a stable monthly income from now on but you still have a house to pay for and food to buy. Its super scary waking up on the first day of self-employment and knowing that every penny now is on you- its all down to you to make this work.

But its worth it.

Its satisfying. Fulfilling. Creatively pleasing. Its a new adventure and a fresh start.

So get your nerve together, make a start on your business while you're still at work, then go and tell them you won't be there come spring time. Because there's a new adventure out there just waiting for you to grasp hold of it. Don't let me down.

Tell me in the comments what it was like when you quit your day job! Or if you haven't yet, tell me your concerns! I'd love to chat.

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Nesha Woolery

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