My Top 5 FREE eBooks for Creative Entrepreneurs

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Since the start of my business six months ago I've read quuuuuuuuuite the fair share of eBooks. It started with Ash Ambridge's free eBook, then Amanda Genther, and before I knew it, the iBookshelf on my iPad was overflowing!

Here are some of my all time favorites. Trust me, each and every one of them will help you and your business and induce tons of motivation! You have to sign up to their email newsletter to get most of the eBooks, but it's totally worth it. Let me know which one is your favorite!

My Top 5 FREE eBooks for Creative Entrepreneurs:

1. Ashley Ambirge: Gettting Off Your Butt, Finding Some Focus And Jump Starting Your Business
This eBook has 73 pages of business wisdom for FREE. Its witty, its motivational and its down right hilarious. It makes you want to jump off your butt and get your business of the ground.  swear, this book is NEVER leaving my iPad.

2. Alexandra Franzen: 3 Steps To Getting Magnetic Clarity
This eBook is a nice and easy read you could complete over breakfast, made up of just a few thought-provoking questions about specializing your business.

3. Amanda Genther: The Top 5 Things Most Solopreneurs Are Doing Wrong
Reading this pushes you to correct the things you're doing wrong and grow a better business. 

4. Shenee: The 5 Day Brand Challenge (not an eBook but a free workshop instead!)
This workshop is crazy awesome! I highly recommend it. Shenee emails you once a day for 5 days and helps you build your brand and strengthen it.

5. Fiona Humberstone: The Top 12 Mistakes Small Businesses Make When They Exhibit
This is the most recent eBook I've acquired, so I haven't finished reading it yet. But I had never really thought of taking part in exhibitions until this book, so it definitely hosts thoughts and ideas that I;d like to consider in my business.

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