The no.1 thing that will make or break your website

The no.1 thing that will make or break your web design: your website photos. Click through to find out more and read more website tips!

When bloggers and small business owners get ready to redesign their website, these are the things they usually think are most important:

  • Website copy
  • Beautiful design
  • Gorgeous colours
  • Easy-to-navigate layout
  • Lots of personality

And yes, while ALL those things are hugely important to the success of your website, there's always one thing people miss out.

It's something that your designer isn't responsible for, but it can make or break all the work your designer does. So, as you can probably imagine, we care about this thing. It's not our responsbility, but we seriously care about you getting it right. 

The thing that can make or break your website:

Your photos. 

For some odd reason, creatives won't hesitate to spend thousands of pounds on a new website design but many of them won't pay for website photography. (You don't have to spend thousands on a photographer if you don't have the budget, you can buy beautiful stock photos from Stocksy for $10!)

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It is every designers nightmare to find the perfect client with the worst photos. It's like watching your best friend buy the most gorgeous little black dress, red lipstick, necklace, jacket and clutch... and then ruin it all with a pair of ugly old trainers. 

If you think your website photography doesn't matter then think again.

What happens when your website photos suck

You lost clients and customers. Instantly. If the first thing potential buyers see when they reach your site is unprofessional photos you took with your phone, they're probably going to click away. You could be the best person at your job, but if your photography (and design) doesn't reflect that, no one will stick around long enough to find out. 

You fail to make an emotional connection with your audience. Just like good design, photography also has a big impact on how your website visitors feel. Professional, beautiful photos have the ability to convey certain brand vibes. Bad or mismatching photography only conveys one vibe: amateur. 

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You give an unprofessional impression of yourself. This isn't the best way to get potential clients to get in touch about your services, especially if you're charging high-end prices (or want to). Your leads need to feel reassured you're a professional, and bad photography won't give them that much-needed reassurance. 

You make your beautiful website design irrelevant. Don't spend thousands of pounds on a website design and then ruin it with photos that don't match your brand, or poor quality photos. If you've invested thousands in your website, go all the way and invest some more in good photography. Your beautiful website design can be completely overshadowed by unbranded photography. 

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What happens when you have beautiful, branded photos?

You impress potential clients and customers. When they visit your website and not only see a beautiful design but beautiful, professional photography, they'll feel like they've finally found the right person to hire or buy from. When your brand looks professional, and you look like you know what you're doing, people will trust that you do. 

You look and feel like a pro. Have you ever looked at your website and cringed? Or felt disappointed? Replacing your website photos with beautifully shot, professional photography is the first and easiest step towards owning a website you can be proud of. 

You position yourself to play in the big league. You may feel ready to play in big league with the leading ladies of your niche, but you can't if your brand doesn't reflect your pro-ness. We shouldn't, but we all judge a book by its cover, especially when it comes to business. People won't seriously trust you're a pro if you don't look like one. 

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You please your designer. Want to make the most of the time you have with your designer? Do them a favour and show them you have beautiful photos they can use for your web design. Presenting your designer with good photography will help motivate them to design a website that is equally as gorgeous. 

How to find beautiful photos for your website

Use free stock photography from websites like:

Use paid stock photography from websites like:

If you're going down the stock photography route, I recommend you use paid stock photos so there's less chance of others in your niche using the same photos as you. 

Hire a photographer. 

Look for photographers in your area who can come and do a photoshoot of you, your work and your workspace. 

If your workspace is your kitchen table and you don't feel comfortable having a photographer take photos of your home, hire someone to take some headshots! Professional headshots give a much better impression than selfies. Just look at my two photos below and you'll instantly feel like the one on the right is more professional. 

The moral of this blog post?

Before you hire a designer to complete your website design, make sure you have beautiful photos ready to use. 

Your photography can make or break your website design. 

It can make you look professional, or really amateurish. 

It can pull your web design together, or it can destroy the thousands of dollars you invested in your site. 

I hope this post has helped you understand the importance of website photography!

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