How to set up (and stick to) weekly batch days

 What is a batch day you ask? A batch day is an entire day dedicated to ONE task. A day where you'll focus on doing one thing and nothing else. Now that you know the gist of a batch day, are you ready to craft your batch days for your business FINALLY make time for the tasks that always slip through the cracks. Then what are you waiting for! Let's do this! Just click on this pin to create your batch day now!

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I'm going to be totally honest and transparent with you right now.

Up until about 6 months ago, I wasn't writing my blog posts and newsletters until the day they were meant to publish.

I'd frantically think up something to write and then quickly hit send, forgetting to spell check and link check, just wanting to send something- anything!

Content for The Shelancers Club? I hustled like crazy to write and record the audio lessons and create the workbooks literally one DAY before the content was meant to go out.

Crazy town.

Why did I leave it until the last-minute like that?

Because I was unorganized and not in control of my time.

At the time, I didn't think things like blog posts mattered that much so I left them 'til the last minute.

But that was totally terrible for my business because I wasn't thinking about what I was writing in these blog posts and newsletters; I wasn't being strategic.

When you have a whole month's worth of content written and scheduled, you're more strategic.

Instead of hurriedly writing whatever comes to mind, you write content based around your services and products so you can link to them and generate more sales.

When you have your content scheduled ahead of time, you don't have to think about it anymore. It's done and sorted! You can free up that brain space to think about that new service you're going to launch, or that new course you want to create.

Getting ahead of all these tasks sounds like hard work though, right?

You don't have the time to write and schedule all your content + you don't know what you'd write.

Isn't that exactly what you're thinking right now?

That's why I'm writing to you today.

I changed my way of creating content, and I now have all my blog posts and newsletters scheduled 10 weeks ahead of time!!

Relax- I'm not going to get you to schedule 10 weeks of content- just 4.

And the key to getting it done is batch days.

A batch day is an entire day dedicated to ONE task. A day where you'll focus on doing one thing and nothing else.

Batch days changed my LIFE, and I think they'll change yours too.

Ready to craft your batch days and FINALLY make time for the tasks that always slip through the cracks? Let's do this!!

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Step 1: Choose your batch day topics

You should have batch days for tasks you do regularly, tasks you forget to do or tasks that take you a long time.

I have three main batch days: one for blogging, one for general admin and one for The Shelancers Club.

For example, on my blogging day I do nothing but write blog posts, schedule them, spell check them, create graphics and click to tweets for them, and do other bloggy things. I don't answer emails, I don't handle any client consultations and I don't do any design work. I just blog.

Not sure what your batch days should be about, or what you should even DO on your batch days? I have a free cheatsheet for you!

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Why is it better to have one 'batch day' dedicated to this instead of handling my blog posts here and there?

I like it for two reasons:

1. Having a batch day stops you from leaving these tasks 'til the last minute. Your batch days are on the same day every month, and when you see them on your calendar you know you have to get them done.

2. Batch days allow you to focus on one thing instead of moving from task to task. When your brain is focused one one thing, you can produce better work! Whereas when you're multi-tasking, you get stuff done but it's not to a great standard because you don't have any focus.

Step 2: Assign tasks to your batch days

Let's say you want to create a blogging batch day like mine.

You know the topic of the day is blogging. The next step is figuring out EVERYTHING you need to get done on that day. Here's what to do!

01. Take out a pen and paper and set a timer for five minutes.

02. Write out every task you think you need to get done for your blog posts to be completely ready to publish.

03. When you're done, go through the list and delete duplicates and tasks you don't think are necessary.

04. Highlight tasks you think you could outsource to a virtual assistant. (That's right- do it!! Even if you don't intend to outsource to a VA yet, you definitely will in the future. When you do, I want you to know exactly what tasks you want to give her.)

Struggling to figure out what tasks you need to get done on your batch days? I made a Batch Day Checklist for you! 

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In the checklist you'll find must-do tasks for 3 types of batch days: Blog Day, Newsletter Day and Admin day. Feel free to copy and paste the tasks into your own Google Cal!

Step 3: Schedule your batch days

Here's a sneak peek at my calendar to give you an idea of where batch days fit in.

01. Open up Google Cal and choose your batch days!

02. You should have one batch day per week (or one per month if you're super busy).

03. Choose the day of the week you want your first batch day to be on and name it 'Batch Day: Blogging' for example.

04. Write in all tasks you want to get done that day.

05. Now here's the important part-- under the date at the top of the screen, click Repeat. You'll see a screen like this:

Set it to the same options as seen in the image above.

06. Repeat that step for every batch day you want and voilà! Your batch days will now show up every week on your calendar.

I know this is one of those tasks that most freelancers & entrepreneurs just push to the side but please, please, please do not do that today.

Scheduling content ahead of time stops you from frantically having to rush things all the time.

And the key to making sure you've always got content scheduled is batch days!

Spend 15 minutes coming up with your batch days today and you'll save yourself hours of stress in the future.

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Designers- ready to get organized?

I go into more detail on batch days in my course, Organize & Automate. I also be cover inbox management, streamlining your design process, organizing your clients and more! Hope to see you in there, friend. :)

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