How to rapidly grow your business with Pinterest

When people think of Pinterest they usually associate it with women looking for pretty pictures of cupcakes, wedding decor and homeware. It's true- I myself am a sucker for a picture of a pretty wedding. But Pinterest is also used for business, and if you're smart, you'll use it for your business. Pinterest can not only boost your blog traffic, it can increase your number of newsletter subscribers, drive customers to purchase your products, and even steer potential clients in your direction.

Pinterest is my second highest source of traffic. People see my blog posts or design work on Pinterest and when the click it, they're lead right to my website. Just see for yourself in the screenshot below!

As you can see, Pinterest brings in 30% of my overall traffic each month! I'm happy with that because I know that people who have clicked through to my site via Pinterest are genuinely interested in seeing more of my brand and my blog posts, whereas visitors who come from Google may have typed in the wrong keywords. In fact, I find a lot of the visitors from Google don't stay very long, whereas my Pinterest visitors stick around, read other blog posts, and very often sign up for my newsletter. 

Before I go on, I just want to note that I am not an affiliate for Pinterest and this post is not sponsored. I'm just a huge Pinterest fan... and addict!

Pinterest has worked wonders for my business, but its also helped so many other business owners increase their sales and grow their blogs. Just see for yourself...

I've had great success with using promoted pins (for pennies!) to drive traffic to my free printables for email signup. No other platform has boosted my email list like Pinterest! - Cara,
Pinterest is the biggest referrer for both of my websites. A client found one of my free desktop wallpapers on Pinterest and decided to hire me to create her logo! People have also purchased the products I sell thanks to seeing them on Pinterest. I find that Pinterest is one of the best free ways to market your business. - Carmia, Clementine Creative

Why should you use Pinterest for your business?

And by 'use Pinterest for your business' I don't just mean repinning a few pretty pictures on a lazy Sunday morning. I mean seriously committing to a Pinterest marketing plan and strategically using Pinterest to grow your creative business.

Here are just a handful of reasons why you should put plenty of effort into Pinterest marketing. 

1. Pinterest is visual. Pinterest is all about images. This is great for designers, photographers and other creative businesses because we're all visual businesses. Part of our client intake process involves potential clients going through images of our work. What better way to capture leads than to attract their attention with our work in their Pinterest streams?

2. Visitors can convert into hardcore followers. Have you ever spotted an interesting blog post on Pinterest, clicked through and fallen head-over-heels in love with the blog? So in love that you followed them on Bloglovin' and subscribed to their newsletter? If you use Pinterest effectively and frequently to market your business, I guarantee your following will increase. One of my followers recently subscribed to my newsletter and sent me this email:


3. Followers can turn into clients. Some people who found your website via Pinterest may even inquire about your services or purchase your products. This is why it's important to pin your work and not just your blog posts. Here's what a recent potential client told me when she first reached out:


Don't overly pin your work onto Pinterest because pinners consider that spam. Instead, try to occasionally pin your work. If you're a designer you could pin moodboards and rejected ideas as well as the final design! 

4. Your target audience hangs out on Pinterest. If you're reading this blog then you're probably a female business owner. My guess is you're targeting other females who are in the same age bracket as you. Did you know that 68.2% of Pinterest users are women? 42% of those women are based in the US. 27.4% of users are between the ages of 25-34. If your target women like this then Pinterest is where you need to be! 

5. Pins can go viral and result in thousands of visits to your website. If pinners with a large following pin your work or blog posts onto one of their boards, it could get hundreds or thousands of clicks. When was the last time you got that much traffic from Twitter or Facebook? They are both great platforms, but they won't bring in as much website traffic as Pinterest.

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How can you utilize Pinterest for maximum results?

Create a business account. With Pinterest for Business, you can use your business name instead of your personal name, see the stats of your pins, and access lots of useful marketing features Pinterest are creating for business users. To convert your personal Pinterest account to a business account, log in and click the red button with three lines on the top left. Select Businesses. On the new page it will say "Already have an account? Convert now." Click the convert link and you're pretty much done!

Create pinnable blog post graphics. The pins that go viral and drive thousands of visitors to your site are always long, vertical images with large text on them. These pins are well-designed and usually bright, so they catch the attention of your followers easily. Avoid using horizontal blog post graphics with small text on them. If people have to click on your pin before they can read what it says, your pins will never gain much attention or drive much traffic to your website.

Brand your Pinterest boards. Pinterest users are looking for gorgeous Pinterest boards in a style they love. If you're targeting girly women then your Pinterest boards needs to look feminine and sweet. If you're targeting bold and ballsy women then your boards need to look fierce and strong. Choose a cover for each board that reflects your brand style, and try to keep the cover colors very similar. Most of my Pinterest boards have covers that are blue or coral; my brand colors. They're also pretty and clean because I know this is the style my target audience loves, and it's what I love too!

Verify your website. When you verify your website, Pinterest adds your blog post title, website name and favicon to all pins from your website. This makes your pins look professional and ensures Pinterest users get used to seeing your name and logo around. It also helps to catch peoples attention if your blog post graphic isn't readable. Here's what your pins will look like after you've verified your website:

To verify your website, log in to Pinterest, go to your profile, click Edit Profile and then go to Verify Website at the bottom of the pop-up. Then just follow the steps provided!

Add key information to your Pinterest profile. Add your photo and website URL. Make sure you add a short and clear tagline that tells viewers what you do. My tagline is 'brand & web designer for passionate femtrepreneurs' because I want viewers to instantly know what I do for a living and who I work with.  

Don't spam your followers. People don't like it when you only pin from your own website. That's the fastest route to losing followers. Instead, apply the 80/20 rule. 80% of your pins should be things from other websites that your followers will relate to. 20% should be content from your own website.

Apply for promoted pins. You can apply for Promoted Pins. If you're approved, you can pay to promote your best pins so they show up in relevant places! You can decide who sees it, and you choose to pay for visits or engagement. You can even track what's working and what isn't. This is a marketing strategy I'm going to try throughout the Autumn to boost my blog traffic. I've heard it's more effective than Facebook ads!

Apply for rich pins. Rich Pins are pins that include extra information right on the pin itself. Article pins include a headline, author and story description, helping pinners find and save stories that matter to them. If you want to really up your Pinterest game then you can apply for rich pins, but you have to be approved by Pinterest themselves.

Apply for buyable pins. All business need two things: traffic and sales. With buyable pins, a Buy button is placed directly on the pin itself. This means that as soon as someone sees your product on Pinterest, they can click the Buy button and purchase it. No more clicking through to the website then finding the product and adding it to their cart. This is a total game changer. If you sell products you need to be on Pinterest and you need to make it an integral part of your marketing strategy.

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Join group boards. Group boards are one of Pinterest's best features! If you have 500 followers, only those 500 people are seeing your posts when you post to your regular boards. But when you post to a group board, your pins are not only seen by your followers, they're seen by the followers of the other board members. Thousands of people could now see your pin! To find a group board that targets the same audience you do, try using Pingroupie.

Tag your posts. Most Pinterest users forget about using tags on Pinterest but they're so valuable! You can tag your Pinterest posts the same way you tag your Twitter posts- by using a hashtag. Your pin will then appear when people search for that tag.

Create and pin infographics. Certain types of pins tend to go viral more than others. Infographics is one of them. A beautifully designed infographic that helps solve a problem for your target audience will do really well on Pinterest. Infographics tend to be long so they take up quite a bit of space in someone's feed and easily catch people's attention. 

Track your results. All Pinterest Business accounts allow you to see your stats. Just go to your Pinterest profile and click the red button on the top right that says See Your Stats. On that page you'll see which of your pins are most popular and which pins you followers interact with the most. You'll also be able to see what people have been pinning from your website. With these results you can 

Whether you have a business or a blog, Pinterest can be a major source of traffic if you use it enough. Without the traffic I get from Pinterest, I wouldn't have been able to make a success of my mastermind group for female freelancers. Quite a few of them have told me they found me through Pinterest, and that's because I pin graphics that promote my exclusive club, or I pin graphics that lead to blog posts that promote my club. 

Pinterest is also responsible for my most popular blog posts. If it wasn't for those articles going viral on Pinterest, my website traffic wouldn't be what it is today. If you dedicate some time each day to pinning on Pinterest, your business and blog will truly benefit.

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Now you understand how Pinterest can benefit your blog and business, are you ready to give it a major place in your social media marketing?

Nesha Woolery

I build beautiful brands & websites for passionate entrepreneurs!