How to Build a Strong Brand on a Small Budget

How to build a strong brand on a small budget | If you can't afford a designer, don't worry. There are a few affordable and free ways to build your brand! Click through to read more. Perfect for entrepreneurs and freelancers!

When you're in the early stages of your business, making money can feel hard. Reeeeeally hard. Sure, You can still pay your bills. You can put food on the table. You even have some savings. But sometimes, you don't have enough money to splurge on expensive things like courses, copy writers and web designers.

That doesn't stop you wanting to build a strong brand. And It doesn't mean you can't! You simply have to do it on a budget until you can afford such things in the future.

Here are 8 surefire ways you can build a strong brand on a small budget:

  1. Sign up for free tools that will help you build your brand. When you sign up, Shebrand gives you 101 Ways to Build a Powerful Brand, and if you sign up for my newsletter (in my sidebar) you'll receive your free Brand Discovery Workbook!
  2. Schedule social media posts using Buffer or Coschedule. They're both around $10 per month and you can use them to help establish your brand voice and expertise across most social media platforms.
  3. Use websites like Quicksprout to analyze your social media activity and see if your social media posts are aligned with your brand message.
  4. Purchase a Wordpress template. There is no shame is using a WordPress template- I do! I used to be a web designer and even I decided to use a template when I started focusing on brand design. You can buy some really pretty Wordpress templates from shops like Pretty Darn Cute.
  5. Hire a designer to design your branding only. Your brand image is something you can't skimp on, and it isn't that expensive to hire a designer to do it for you. My brand design packages start at $1200.
  6. Hire a designer to customize your Wordpress template for you. I offer a Theme Installation service, which involves me installing your Wordpress template and branding, regardless of whether you worked with me on your branding or not.
  7. Sign up for free copy writing advice. Just because you can't afford a professional copy writer right now doesn't mean you can't still write great copy for yourself. Sign up for Courtney's newsletter and receive cheat sheets on writing your about page, sales page and more!
  8. Use stock photos to strengthen your brand style. Here's a list of 43 places to get amaaazing free stock photos.

I remember how it feels to launch your first business and feel like you have no money to invest in it. It feels sucky. Very sucky. But use the tips above to build a strong brand now, and I guarantee that in the future you'll be in a position to hire the help and buy the courses you need.

Nesha Woolery

I build beautiful brands & websites for passionate entrepreneurs!