How I'm Structuring My Business In 2015

how i'm structuring my business in 2015
how i'm structuring my business in 2015

I'm grabbing this year by the horns and I'm suuuuper determined to make it a great one! I've already kicked it off to a good start with a trip to Essex to stay with family. We go on an annual walk at the start of every year, which never ever fails to cheer me up! And we also took a trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London, which is something we say we're going to do every year and never do. Well, this year it is done.

Today, I've decided to make 2 lists. A list of things from 2014 that I'm letting go of, and a list of goals for 2015.

I think that before we can go on to bigger, better, brighter chapters of our lives (both business and personal) you have to let crap go. So this month I've been trying to do just that! And I'm looking forward to what this year has for me.

This year, I'm letting go of...

  • Heartbreak. I'm learning to let go of what was and embracing the next exciting chapter of my life. I'm learning to accept that sometimes, things end.
  • Custom website design. I'm focusing on brand design because it's what I love the most. I'm also going to help my clients set up their chosen Wordpress theme, install their branding, and get them ready to dominate the web! But more on that soon. It's a service for clients who want a gorgeous brand & website, but don't want to pay thousands and thousands for it.
  • Money stress. I got by fine in 2014. No debt. Bills paid on time every month. I could afford pairs of shoes and Starbucks coffees, (which is more than I could afford when I first started this business- I remember being afraid to even purchase a McDonald's coffee because of how broke I was!) But even though I got by fine, I realize that my future is evolving and I'll have to pay for a lot more soon. If I want to continue being financially comfortable in the future, it starts now.

2015 business goals...

  • Double my profits. This sounds like a scary goal but I'm actually super excited about this prospect!
  • Sell 8 standard brand designs.
  • Sell 2 luxury brand designs.
  • Launch Freelance Girls in Spring (so excited for this!!)
  • Launch a workshop for freelancers in Autumn. I'm keeping the details secret for now, but I can't wait to have a go at this.

2015 personal goals...

  • Lose weight so my jeans don't feel uncomfortable anymore!
  • Be really social and make lots of friends.
  • Be happy and content on my own. I think I've been so dependent on someone else to make me happy that I forgot that I'm responsible for my own happiness.

I'm excited about this year because I'm daring to push my business further than I ever have before. I know I can achieve these goals, I just have to work at it!

What about you? What are your 2015 goals? And what are you letting go of?

Nesha Woolery

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