How I organise my Gmail inbox

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I can't stand an unorganised inbox. So this week I sorted my entire Gmail inbox out, and thought I'd share the process with you guys! Whether you're a designer, coach, adviser, writer, or other kind of creative entrepreneurs, we all need an inbox that doesn't hurt our eyes when we look at it.

Here's how I organise my gmail inbox. Let me know if you organise yours differently, I'm always looking for even better ways to get my Gmail business inbox looking neat.

This is the section on the left. In there I have 5 labels: Current Clients, Potential Clients, Past Clients, Friends and Need To Reply. Each label has its own colour so I can easily differentiate them. To add colours to your labels, hover over a label, click the arrow and choose a colour.

This is the middle section on the diagram. All of my emails go directly to my inbox, and from there I label them. If one of my clients email me, I label them 'Current Client'. Same goes for my other labels. Emails that don't fit into one of my 5 categories remain unlabelled.

As I just mentioned, when someone becomes my official client I label their email 'Current Client'. Then their email gets moved from the main inbox to my 'Current Clients' inbox, which is top right in the photo. This helps me keep my client emails organised and easily accessible. I do the same thing for emails from potential clients and friends. It's the best thing I've ever done for my inbox, so I'm going to show you how to do it too.

Follow these steps to add multiple inboxes to the side of your main inbox:

1. Click the gear button on the top right, then click Settings.
2. Click 'Labs'
3. Then enable Multiple Inboxes
4. Save Settings and go back to your main inbox.
5. Click the gear button again, then click Settings.
6. Click the Multiple Inboxes tab in the Settings menu.
7. Now, create an inbox for one of your labels, add this to Pane 0: label:name of your label
8. At the bottom, click Right Side Of Inbox.
9. Click Save Changes.

Tada! Now all the emails with that label with appear in a separate inbox to the side of your main inbox. Easy peasy! Let me know if you have any questions or need any help!

*Note from Mia Moore: This will not work if you have Priority Inbox in effect,

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