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Have you ever gone through a rebrand process, popped out a beautiful new logo and website, and then gone through the process all over again in 6 or 12 months? I'm betting you have. You decided you wanted something new and fresh! Or your direction/style/target market changed and you wanted to reflect that in your brand. We're all guilty of doing this at some point.

A really good brand design process, teamed with a great designer, will leave you with a brand you could potentially love forever. And the best part? You wouldn't need to worry about spending your money on rebranding in a year because you wouldn't need to! You could spend that hard-earned cash on something else- like a VA, a copy writer, or a coach!

Why does this obsessive need to rebrand every year affect so many small business owners?

I put it down to lack of planning and vision.

True success starts with brand clarity. 

And how do you get that? You sit down and plan, plan, plan.

This week, I thought it be really helpful to whip up a freebie that will help you plan your rebrand- whether you're DIYing it, hiring me, or hiring another designer! My FREE Brand Discovery Workbook is a mini guide filled with questions to help you plan before you design. Sign up below to instantly receive your copy!

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