7 ways Periscope will transform your business

Periscope is an app that is becoming wildly popular, and for good reason! It allows you to stream live videos to your followers while they interact with you by posting comments and questions- a bit like mini webinars!

I joined the new social platform a whole month before plucking up the courage to do my first Periscope broadcast. It's stupidly scary; a lot scarier than chatting to your clients over Skype or doing you own webinar.


1. You don't know who you're broadcasting to or what they're going to think of you. Will they love you or hate you? Will they get bored of you, or will they become super-fans? 

2. You don't have a plan. When doing your own webinars you have a plan of what you're going to say first, last and in between, whereas Periscope broadcasts are a lot more casual and people can throw all sorts of questions at you that can throw you off your game.

Doing your first Periscope broadcast can be scary and yes, the two points I listed above are pretty nasty reasons why you shouldn't do your own broadcasts.

But here's 7 reasons why you should. 

7 ways Periscope will transform your business.

1. It will help your audience grow closer to you.

Reading blog posts can be beneficial and helpful, but it sure isn't intimate. I feel much closer to bloggers I watch and listen to on Periscope. Hearing their voices, seeing their faces and seeing how real, funny, sweet and smart they are makes me feel like I genuinely know them.

Don't hide behind your blog. Pluck up some courage and get your face in front of your audience- they want to know you!

2. You'll get to know your audience.

While you're broadcasting your live videos you can ask your audience questions and read their instant responses. It's a great way to discuss things with your followers, get to know their ideas and ask for their opinions.

You'll also get in front of a whole new audience because Periscope allows users to search for broadcasts in their area. That means lots of new local viewers! Periscope also allows viewers to share your broadcast with their followers, which means you could get int front of hundreds of new people. 

But will these new viewers actually visit your site and follow along? Yes, they absolutely will. After my first Periscope broadcast one viewer who signed up to my newsletter list emailed me. I asked her how she found me and here's what she said: 

3. You'll overcome your fears.

I was scared of doing my first Periscope broadcast, but when it was over I felt really proud and happy. I felt like I'd achieved something and overcome a fear of public speaking.

Do yourself a favor- get over your fear and jump right in. Set a date, right now, for your first Periscope broadcast and announce it on your blog and social media pages. Your followers will hold you accountable to the date you announce so you can't talk yourself out of it. 

I announced my first Periscope broadcast to The Shelancers Club in our Facebook group. I decided that enough was enough, I was going to hop on Periscope and do my first broadcast in the next 15 minutes with no plan, script or make-up on. I told the Shelancers and you know what? They backed me up! They told me they'd come and watch it (which eased my fear of no one showing up to my scope) and they told me everything was going to be OK. 

If you're having a hard time doing your first Periscope broadcast, I promise that announcing a date to your followers will resolve that. I've also got a free Periscope checklist for you! It'll help you nail your first scope and ensure you're doing all the right things. 

4. You will create a more loyal audience.

When your blog readers begin watching your scopes, they draw closer to you. As a result of that they usually feel a bigger sense of loyalty to you because they feel closer to you. I know that's how I feel about the scopers I watch!

Need an example? I started following Maya Elious months ago and I liked her blog but I didn't rave about it. Then she started broadcasting on Periscope every day and I became to her confident personality and business wisdom! If she released something tomorrow I'd probably buy it in a heartbeat because Periscope took me from 'interested blog reader' to die-hard fan.

The same goes for Regina. I've known of Regina for a while- my friends and followers are always recommending her blog posts in The Shelancers Club. It wasn't until I watched one of her Periscope broadcasts that I became a true fan. She's hilarious AND smart! What's not to love?

5. Loyal readers will trust your brand.

People trust real people- people they can see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears. In fact, according to a study carried out by Comscore, statistics show that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.


Because videos build trust in a business owner! Sure, you may not be using Periscope broadcasts to sell anything in particular. But doing live Periscope broadcasts will build consumers trust in you and prepare them to hopefully buy the things you sell in the future. 

6. Periscope will help you get some practice in before hosting your own webinars. 

Doing Periscope broadcasts is a good way to prepare yourself for doing your own webinars. You can practice speaking on Periscope, gain feedback from your listeners and improve your speaking and educating skills before your first webinar.

Make your speaking mistakes on Periscope so that you don't need to make them in your webinars! After all, your Periscope broadcasts will disappear after 24 hours- you don't have much to lose!

7. Periscope will humanize your brand.

No one wants to do business with robotic brands that have no personality. People want to do business with good, skilled, trustworthy people they feel connected to. So hop on Periscope and just be yourself. You'll attract like-minded people and you'll show potential clients and customers that you're a decent person who understands them. 

Are you scared of doing your first Periscope broadcast?

So was I. I hid behind this blog for 3 years without so much as posting a video. It wasn't until Periscope started to become popular in the blog world that I decided to jump on the video bandwagon, and it actually turned out to be fun!

Video will help your audience draw closer to you and help you build a stronger brand. (Download my freebie, '10 Things You Should Do Before + During Your Broadcasts' to help boost your confidence in doing your own Periscope broadcasts.)

Just check out these awesome statistics:

The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video.

Visitors who view videos stay on web sites an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos

70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. {Click to tweet}

And even though we all know how amazing video could be for our brands, Kantar Media revealed that only 24% of brands are using online video to market to consumers.

If you want to get ahead of the game, try incorporating Periscope broadcasts into your social media marketing strategy. It's fun for you and it's fun for your readers and clients!

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