7 signs telling you it's time to rebrand

Rebranding is a big task to take on, and it's a task that you should be sure about and ready for. 

But when is it truly time to rebrand? 

I've seen far too many creative entrepreneurs and friends spend thousands of dollars on a shiny new brand only to do it all over again 12 months later.

You don't want to waste that kind of time and money if you're going to keep doing it again and again. 

A good brand is consistent. It doesn't change every 6 months; it remains solid and trustworthy. {Click to tweet

A good business owner is smart. She doesn't go around in circles rebranding over and over again, she does it right the first time so she is now equipped with a stylish and timeless brand that will help her make more money and play in the big league.

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I'm going to save you a lot of time today by outlining the right times to rebrand and the wrong times. You may be surprised by what I have to say!

4 signs you SHOULDN'T rebrand

You're new management and you're rebranding for the sake of it. I get a lot of inquiries from business owners who have recently bought a business and want to put their stamp on it. But if there's nothing wrong with the current branding, you shouldn't change it just because you want it to feel 100% yours. 

That's not a good enough reason to rebrand.

If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

You're bored of your brand. This is a common reason why bloggers and creative entrepreneurs rebrand their businesses. But being bored of your brand isn't a good enough reason. Ask yourself- why are you bored of your brand? Is there a deeper reason why you feel you don't connect with your brand anymore? Or are you just being picky?

You can't afford it. If you're totally broke, please don't spend thousands of dollars rebranding. Instead, purchase a small branding package that is under $1000, or just a logo design on its own. Professional branding is hugely important to the success of your business, but if you're broke, just invest in the brand necessities (logo, fonts, color palette and website). You can purchase stationery designs, social media designs and more when you've built up your business. 

You have no real clarity. Before rebranding, you need to gain some brand clarity. You need to understand who your target market is, what your goals are, and what your business purpose is. One of the worst things a designer wants to hear is 'I've changed my mind on my business direction. I will no longer be needing the designs you created for me.' Having to take someone's money for designs they're never going to use is a real kick in the gut. It's not a happy thought for your designer, and it's certainly not good for your business or your bank account.

I have a free workbook available that can help you plan an effective brand! 

7 signs you SHOULD rebrand

Your sales have decreased. If your sales aren't very high and you've tried everything to increase them, maybe you need to try rebranding. Rebranding can sky-rocket your website views, spark the interest of new customers, and reignite the interest of your past customers. It can bring an old, outdated brand back to life with a new purpose and an updated style.

You get lots of traffic but no one sticks around. If your website bounce rate is really high, you don't get many loyal readers or clients, and your business feels bleh even though you're pouring your heart and soul into driving people to your website, something needs to change. If your brand is beautifully on point, your conversion rate should be pretty high. If it isn't, you should start thinking about rebranding. The issue could simply be that your leads are not connecting with your brand and website. 

You don't get many client inquiries. What I said above applies to this point too. A couple of years ago my friend rebranded because she wanted to target a higher-paying audience. She designed her own brand materials and website. But what happened? Crickets. She didn't get any client inquiries for a solid two months. When we went over her brand vision, rebranded her business and redesigned her website, clients started coming in and she began earning regular income again.

Customers and clients make quick decisions based on how your brand and website looks, so you have to make sure they look gorgeous and professional- good enough to make people stick around and find out more about your business and how you can help them. 

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You've changed your business direction. Sometimes people decide to change the direction they're going in. You may have been working as a copy writer for years, but yearn to become a life coach and finally decide to pursue it. That's OK! Go with your gut. But make sure you look into rebranding, because big business changes like these often need a new look to accompany them. Your old branding may not portray the feeling you want to portray now, or it may not attract the right clients and customers. That leads me to my next point...

You're attracting the wrong customers. If your brand is attracting the wrong clients and customers, this is the biggest sign that it's time to rebrand {Click to tweet}. I get a lot of clients who come to me with this problem. Last week, a freelance designer came to me with this very problem. She attracted girly, feminine business owners who usually owned Etsy shops and didn't want to spend much money on a website design. After our consultation, she realized she needed to rebrand so that her brand, website, services and portfolio were smarter and sleeker, aimed at attracting the high-end, six-figure clients she truly desired.

You feel like you've outgrown your brand. If you feel like your brand is a portrayal of who you were a few years ago and not today, you should think about rebranding. Your brand should convey who you are today. You should feel proud to call it your own. If you don't, your passion for your brand and business will die down and clients will sense that. 

You feel like your brand is a copy of someone else's. This happens with all business owners at some point so don't feel bad about it. Sometimes, you can get so caught up and 'in love' with someone else's brand that you end up creating a brand identity that is similar to theirs, not because you're a copy cat, but because you've taken admiration slightly too far. If you feel like your brand is too similar to someone else's, it's definitely time to think about rebranding and being the authentic you that everyone is dying to see.

You're a newbie with no brand identity. Did you I say I was only going to share 7 reasons why you should rebrand? Well, surpise! Because here's number 8. There's a common myth going around that newbies don't need to invest in a brand identity, but it couldn't be further from the truth. Think it's expensive to rebrand? It's more expensive not to invest in your brand.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, newbies don't need to spend thousands of dollars/pounds on branding if they're broke. They can simply hire a designer to create their brand necessities!

If you think it's time to rebrand your business and you're looking for a designer to take on your project, I'd love to discuss your project with you! As of now (August 30th) I'm currently booking for clients for November 2015 onward. Check out my services and get in touch if you'd like to schedule a time to talk!

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