5 tips to help you design your own website

Sometimes there isn't enough money in the pot to hire a trained web designer to work some magic on your website. But that does NOT mean that you can't still have a killer site!

Here are some tips and resources for designing your own website:

Problem 1: You've seen some amazing colours on other peoples websites and you want to know what those exact colours are so you can use them in your brand.

Solution 1: Take a screenshot of the website, open it in Photoshop and use the Eyedropper tool to inspect and find out the colour. If you don't have Photoshop, then download these browser extension: ColourZilla for Firefox or Eyedropper for Chrome. They'll do the same job.


Problem 2: You like the width of a certain website and you want to find out what that width is.

Solution 2: Use the Page Ruler browser extension for Chrome, or the MeasureIt extension for Firefox.


Problem: You can handle designing your own graphics. But when it comes to development, you're stumped.

Solution: Visit these sites and purchase an affordable, pre-made template: Themeforest, Creative Market, Blog Milk.


Problem: You need some free and totally awesome social media icons.

Solution: Visit The Noun Project, they have the coolest and most minimal icons for your website.


Problem: You don't have any knowledge about designing websites at all and need to read plenty of tutorials and tips to help you create something magical.

Solution: Visit Pugly Pixel for tutorials and inexpensive design goods.

Nesha Woolery

I build beautiful brands & websites for passionate entrepreneurs!