13 must-read blog posts for women entrepreneurs

Inspiring blog posts from strong female entrepreneurs never fail to motivate others to push forward with their dreams and desires. They push others to improve themselves and their businesses. It's one of the things I hope to do with this blog, but I know a lot of women that do it better!

So, if you need:

  • A motivational push
  • A role model to look up to
  • Some blogging inspiration

Then I've got it for you. 

13 must-read blog posts for women entrepreneurs

1. Making Things Happen by Lara Casey

This post really hit home for me. If you've ever struggled with balancing a hectic schedule, dealing with difficult clients, and coping with late-night work, then you'll find this post so encouraging!

2. How to Promote a Big Launch by Cash and Joy

If you've launching your brand new business/website/blog/product/class and are struggling to self promote without feeling like a stuck up jackass, then this is a post for you.

3. The Importance of Customer Feedback to your Business by Erika Napoletano

We all tend to overlook customer feedback and surveying etc, but we seriously need to take note of how important and life altering it can be for our business.

4. 5 Ways to Deal with Compare & Despair Syndrome by Hey Shenee

Comparing yourself to others is something every single women entrepreneur on the PLANET does from time to time. Don't focus on the success of others, focus on yours and yours alone.

5. Lessons Learned by Breanna Rose

How readily available do you make yourself to your clients? Breanna discusses the dangers that lurk in client-designer relationships.

6.  What's on Your Customer's To Do List Today? by Tara Gentile

Where better to find the needs and desires of your clients/customers? Check out their To Do's.

7. Screw the Sales Pitch. Write a Love Letter by Alexandra Franzen

Alexandra shows us all how to get folks to act/click/share and buy our products.

8. 4 Ways to Run your Business like a Guilty Pleasure by Melissa Cassera

Melissa shows us how to get our business feeling fun and exciting, instead of feeling like work *snooze*

9. 3 Reasons Why You Should Specialise by Betty Means Business

If you're wondering why niching your business has become so popular, then take a look at this.

10. Two Creative Content Quick Fixes by Braid Creative

Do you feel embarrassed by the content on your website? Know you can do better? Try these exercises to gain a little clarity.

11. Blogs You Need To Read by Moorea Seal

A blog post much like this one, with some sites you really need to visit.

12. 7 tips for a beautiful sidebar by Nesha Designs (me!)

I listed my favorite 5 FREE eBooks for creative entrepreneurs a while ago. These books are like secret treasure.

13. Feeling the Fear & Putting Big Ideas in Motion by Alt Summit

Defining and defeating the obstacles that stop us from pursuing our big ideas.


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