10 Skillshare classes for bloggers

Last week I shared my 7 favorite Skillshare classes for designers, which you guys loved (I'm delighted to say!) so this week I'm sharing 7 amazing Skillshare classes for bloggers. I'm a blogger myself who is always looking for ways to improve her blog, and I know that the majority of you own blogs too, so lets get cracking! I haven't taken any of these classes yet, but these are the ones that intrigue me the most:

1. Introduction to mobile photography by Cory Staudacher (because we all love Instagram!)

2. Photoshop for blogging: creating collages by Erin Lizardo

3. Creating compelling tutorials for your blog by Brittni Mehlhoff

4. Make good images great without expensive software by (because not all bloggers own Photoshop.)

5. Make awesome images using iPhone photo apps by Nicole Siscaretti

6. Become a better blogger with content planning by Andrea Ford

7. Master Google Analytics in 1 hour for beginners by Amber Horsburgh

8. Video camera basics by Marshall Rimmer (for those of you who'd like to publish videos on their blog!)

9. How to write a killer article pitch by Grace Bello

10. Teaching a great Skillshare class by Abigail Besdin (for bloggers who have skills they'd like to teach to other bloggers!)

Have you taken any Skillshare classes that you'd like to recommend to Betty Red readers?  Leave a comment and start a convo, or tweet this post to share it with your friends!

Nesha Woolery

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