How To Get Helpful Feedback From Graphic Design Clients

How To Get Helpful Feedback From Graphic Design Clients

So you wish your clients would give you clear, organized feedback on their designs. But all you’re getting is one-word or one-sentence answers and unclear feedback like, “could you make the design pop more?” or “it doesn’t quite feel right”.

Sometimes, getting high-quality feedback on your designs is like searching for a unicorn.

Today, I’m going to break down how you can get top quality client feedback.



I have a question for you: what is the worst or most unhelpful feedback you’ve received?

Someone asked this question in my Facebook group, The Designer Collective, and the unhelpful feedback designers were receiving was:

“I totally trust your design eye, but…”

“I don’t know what I want, but I’ll know when I see it.”

“I want something quirkier.”

Feedback like this isn’t helpful because it doesn’t help us as designers understand what the client truly wants, it’s too vague.

Vague client feedback either leads you to complete revision after revision and still not get the design right, or leads you to ask question after question to squeeze clearer feedback from them, which can take days.

Why do some clients provide vague feedback like this?

How Getting Organized Helped This Designer Double Her Income

How Getting Organized Helped This Designer Double Her Income

At the start of the year, Erin's husband lost his job, she found out she was pregnant and her sister was hospitalized. On top of that, her business was SO unorganized that balancing everything completely burned her out.

But everything changed when she enrolled in Organize & Automate.

Streamlining her design process helped Erin get fully booked, NOT stress about it like she would have before, and double her income.

Listen to Erin's story below! 

Graphic designers: 5 Ways To Control Scope Creep

As freelance web and graphic designers, it’s our job to listen to client feedback and complete revisions, ‘aka, design changes so the client is happier.

But sometimes, clients can take advantage of that. It can be on purpose, but often not.

What happens is clients request more revisions and they ask for one tiny favour then another. Before you know it, your project is weeks over deadline and you’ve put in HOURS more than you thought. Hours you haven’t been paid for.

Watch the video below or read on to learn the five key ways you can control scope creep and cut down on revisions.

5 Ways To Find Your Next Design Client

5 Ways To Find Your Next Design Client

This month, I talked with special guest, Morgan Rapp, the freelance brand and web designer behind October Ink. Morgan has been a full-time freelance designer for eight years and she designs for amazing clients like Caitlin Bacher. 

She's a pro at generating referrals to keep her schedule fully booked, and she's here in today's masterclass to teach you how to do the same.

How To Niche Your Graphic Design Business

How To Niche Your Graphic Design Business

Have you ever thought about niching your design business? When done right, it's a great way to stand out from other graphic designers and win more clients.

The problem is, it's pretty scary! Saying no to most people in order to say yes to a few is daunting, to say the least.

But it can be life-changing for your business.

In this masterclass, I talk with special guest, Devan Danielle, about how to choose a niche for your design business. Watch the video below or continue reading to learn WHY you need a niche, how to find it, and how niching has done wonders for both of our businesses.