Masterclass: 5 Ways To Find Your Next Design Client


This month, I talked with special guest, Morgan Rapp, the freelance brand and web designer behind October Ink. Morgan has been a full-time freelance designer for eight years and she designs for amazing clients like Caitlin Bacher. 

She's a pro at generating referrals to keep her schedule fully booked, and she's here in today's masterclass to teach you how to do the same.

Topics discussed:

  • Why do so many freelance designers dislike marketing? (6:06)
  • Does Morgan have a marketing plan or is her marketing flexible? (9:27)
  • Morgan's favourite marketing strategies (13:02)
  • Taking accountability when something goes wrong with a project, and getting the project back on track so the client doesn't (16:00)
  • Generate referrals, don't just 'hope' they'll come your way (17:00)
  • How to get referrals from other designers (19:40)
  • How to convert website visitors to paying clients (24:41)
  • Build an email list for your freelancing business (28:04)
  • How to curate a portfolio that wins clients (30:06)
  • Blogging to attract clients (33:08)
  • How much free advice should you give away on a consultation? (38:10)
  • What are examples of emails you can send to your email list? (39:50)
  • Who do you use for your email funnel / free courses? (43:32)
  • What are Morgan's thoughts on putting your pricing on your website? (46:45)
  • What if you feel like no one is seeing your social media posts? Is your social media marketing working? (50:39)
  • Do you have two different mailing lists: one for people interested in design, one for other designers? (52:50)

Resources Mentioned:

(Blog Post) 100 Blog Post Ideas For Freelance Designers by Nesha

(Free Download) 21 Actionable Tips For Landing More Clients by Morgan

(Upcoming course) Amplify Shopify. Want to learn how to design and setup an ecommerce website for clients? This course is coming soon. 

(Course) Organize & Automate. Learn how to streamline your design projects and process!

Who is Morgan Rapp of October Ink?


Morgan Rapp is the brand and website designer behind October Ink. 

When she's not designing beautiful things for amazing clients, she's working on her upcoming course for designers: Amplify Shopify!

Visit October Ink's website


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