3 email scripts to stop price hagglers in their tracks

Script 1: The Hell No Script


I appreciate you taking the time to inquire about my services, but I don’t think we’re a good match.

I wish you all the best when looking for a JOB TITLE HERE.

Best wishes,


Script 2: The Educational Script


I’m so happy you want us to work together! When I SAW YOUR SITE / READ YOUR MISSION / MET YOU, I really wanted the chance to work with you. The work you do is absolutely amazing.

I’d love to go ahead and book you in my schedule, but don’t discount my services.

- It wouldn’t be fair on other clients if they found out I had charged you less.
- My work is valuable because these are the results you’ll get from the finished product…

I sincerely hope you’ll understand, and if you’re still up for working together I would love to get you booked in my schedule!

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to answer them!



Script 3: The Breakdown Script


I’m so happy you want us to work together! When I SAW YOUR SITE / READ YOUR MISSION / MET YOU, I really wanted the chance to work with you. The work you do is absolutely amazing.

I’d love to go ahead and book you in my schedule, but don’t discount my services. I’ve priced my services based on my hourly rate and the amount of time they will take. For this project, here’s a breakdown of the costs for this project:

Hourly rate:
Total hours:
Total cost:

Hourly rate:
Total hours:
Total cost:

Hourly rate:
Total hours:
Total cost:

As I’m sure you understand, discounting my services means I have to spend less time on the project to still earn my hourly rate. I like to make sure I put 110% into each of my projects, which is why I don’t drop my prices. 

I’d really love to work on your project. I firmly believe in what you’re trying to accomplish with your PROJECT / BUSINESS / MISSION, and I’d love to be a part of that. 

If you’d still look to book your project in my schedule, I’d be happy to move forward! Just let me know. 



Behind the Scenes: November 2016

In these posts I share:

    •    My blog growth
    •    My newsletter growth
    •    How I did with last month's goals
    •    My goals for next month
    •    Lessons I've learned throughout the month
    •    My current obsessions
    •    My traffic report compared to the previous month

My website growth

Visits: 321,054

Pageviews: 519,853

Audience size: 231,860

My most popular post published in November: How Britt Started to Wow Her Clients After Enrolling in Organize & Automate

My top 3 traffic referrers: Direct, Pinterest, Google.

Before coming to live in Nicaragua for three months, I made sure I scheduled blog posts ahead of time. Some people have been really surprised by this. I’ve even had people say, ‘why don’t you just take a break from blogging for three months? Others do it! It won’t kill your business.’

While I understand that I could do this, I don’t want my website traffic to suffer because of it. I don’t want my business to suffer because I’m away doing something I love; I want my business to run smoothly and profitably while I’m living life and doing what I love.

One of the reasons why my course and ebooks sell consistently each month is because I write blog posts that promote them. Without my blog, my business would sink reeeeeeal fast.

I don’t think it’s necessary to blog every week if you can’t, but I do believe that consistency is essential when it comes to blogging. If you don’t blog consistently, your blog readers will find other bloggers to follow and your sales will start to slow down.

If you’re going away for any period of time, I can’t stress how important it is to make sure your content is scheduled ahead of time! It will help your business run smoothly while you’re away.

My newsletter growth

Number of subscribers: 8,820

Most popular opt in: The Designers Guide To Project Management

You guys may be aware that after I launched my signature course, Organize & Automate, I set up a free webinar replay called Streamline Your Design Process. It was a replay of my most profitable webinar ever and people just had to sign up to watch it. Then, Convertkit would automatically send them a series of emails promoting my course.

I tried this funnel out for two months but I didn’t see great results from it. It made a few sales here and there but I realized there wasn’t enough incentive for subscribers to enroll in the course. In the sales funnel, I basically said that I’m thinking of putting the price of the course up so buy now if you want it. (Pretty weak sales pitch, right?)

I recently created a new sales funnel, The Designers Guide To Project Management, and I’m super happy to report that it’s doing a lot better than my old funnel. Before I’d even promoted the course, I had people see it on my site and sign up, then two sales rolled in! That’s two sales that didn’t come from webinars or blog posts or any kind of active promotion. They simply saw the new free course on my site, signed up, and the free course convinced them to buy O&A.


I’ve been using Deadline Funnel to give each of my subscribers a unique deadline. When someone signs up, Deadline Funnel sets a timer for 9 days and shows them a special offer on Organize & Automate. If they enroll before the deadline runs out, they get the bonuses. After the deadline, Deadline Funnel redirects them to my usual sales page and removes the bonuses.

I was unsure if Deadline Funnel would be worth it (it’s £29 a month), but it IS! For £29 you get to create three deadline funnels. That’s three email sequences with client-customized deadlines and expiring links. I can’t recommend this tool enough! Let me know in our Facebook group if you’d like me to show you a tutorial of Deadline Funnel. :)

Behind the scenes:

I moved to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, and I’ll be living here until the start of February, doing volunteer work. Some people think it’s crazy to go abroad and do volunteer work that you aren’t even paid for, but I absolutely love it. It gives me a real sense of purpose and direction.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared about how this move would affect my business. I’m scared that I won’t be as present in my business. I’m scared that people will forget about me. I’m scared that my business will get on top of me, or there will be some kind of big emergency that I can’t deal with very well from where I am.

I know that most of my fears are just made-up situations that aren’t going to happen though. I know that moving to Nicaragua for 3 months is going to be one of the best things I’ve done with my life so far. And I know that no matter what happens, I won’t regret doing this.

I’m determined to strike the right balance between working and traveling, and I look forward to sharing more about that balance with you. Next month, I’ll talk about my work routine and how I’m running my business while doing volunteer work abroad (and doing other fun things: like volcano sledging, island hopping and beach tripping! I’m not just going to doing volunteer work out here you know! )

December goals:

Make passive income. While I’m away, I won’t be doing much one-on-one work, so I’m focusing on ways to boost my passive income. This will be my main goal this month!

Stay socially active with my online community. I don’t want to fall off the face of the online earth while I’m having fun here in Nicaragua. My goal is to stay active on social media as much as I can. I haven’t decided if I should hire someone to take over my social media or not, but I know for a fact that I NEED to keep in touch with my community. I’d hate to go home to online crickets.

Current obsessions:

Republic of Freedom. This is swiftly becoming one of my favourite blogs! I love the way Heather, the blogger, writes, and I love her take on running a business while still living a life of freedom. 

The Blonde Abroad.  I’ve always read a lot of travel books and blogs, but this is one of my favorites. If you’re thinking of traveling more or living abroad for a while, I recommend you check this blog out!

Adventures in lady travel. I bought this book by Sarah Von Bargen because I wanted to learn all I could about lady travel and staying safe. Even though I haven’t gone on this trip alone (I’m with three friends), I’ve found it amazingly useful. This book is FULL of tips and tricks to help women travel safely, run a business on the go and have fun! 


Behind the Scenes: October 2016

In these posts I share:

    •    My blog growth
    •    My newsletter growth
    •    How I did with last month's goals
    •    My goals for next month
    •    Lessons I've learned throughout the month
    •    My current obsessions
    •    My traffic report compared to the previous month

My website growth:

Visits: 28,042

Pageviews: 41,870

Audience size: 19,473

My most popular post: How to use Asana to manage your design projects

My top 3 traffic referrers: Direct, Pinterest, Google.

I’ve been trying to make my blog posts more diverse and interesting by adding videos to the post instead of just text. (You can watch my first video here!)

I’m realizing that the internet is moving more and more towards video content because people can listen while doing something else. There are people who still prefer reading so I’m still writing my posts up, but I’m also giving the option of watching the video instead.

Hopefully my video posts will keep people on my website longer and also establish more trust! I feel like there has been space between me and my community since I stopped doing live Periscope broadcasts and I want to make sure I get closer to my community again. Video seems like the way to do that while also helping with my website bounce rate. ;)

My newsletter growth

Number of subscribers: 8,486

Most popular opt in: The Designers Guide To Project Management

I recently launched a new freebie, The Designers Guide To Project Management, and it’s going down really well!! I used Convertkit’s Sequences feature to set up the email course. From inside my Convertkit account it looks like this:


If you’re a designer and you struggle to keep your projects organized, this is the perfect course for you. You’ll learn:

  • Why you should use a project management tool.
  • How to document your step-by-step design process.
  • How to use my favourite PM tool, Asana.
  • How to use your PM tool to help avoid scope creep (ie. When clients keep adding more and more to their project scope but don't expect to pay for it.)
  • How to use your PM tool to get your clients to hand in feedback, files and payments on time

This opt-in hasn’t gotten as many subscribers as some of my other courses have but I think that’s because it’s really specific. However, that’s a good thing. Even though it hasn’t gotten as many subscribers, it has the lowest unsubscribe rate of all my opt-ins and it converts subscribers into customers really well! My hard work creating this funnel is paying off, thankfully.

Behind the scenes:

Lately I’ve been suffering with back pain and aching joints while I’m working. I’m guessing it’s because I sit hunched over a laptop for so long. Some days, I don’t even leave the house and the most exercise I get is walking up and down the stairs!

I realized this had to change so I’ve been trying to do 30 minutes of pilates midway through the day and do a few miles on my exercise bike when I can. I can definitely see its made a difference!

When I don’t eat healthily, drink lots of caffeine, and don’t exercise, I feel groggy and unmotivated. But since I’ve implemented a healthier lifestyle, my body feels better and my mind feels WAY better. I can work longer, think clearer, and I also feel happier.

Don’t leave your health unchecked. Working from home has its downsides, and one of them can be your health. Even if you can only do 10 minutes of exercise a day, it’s worth it.

November goals:

November is the month I go away, and I’m SO excited and nervous! My goals are:

  1. Make sure my business preparation is done. There’s still a lot to prepare and I need to get it done before I go. I’ll have my head down working haaaaard until November 14th when I leave.
  2. Make sure I’m prepared to live abroad. You wouldn’t believe how much time and effort it takes to prepare to live abroad, especially if you’re going away for volunteer work and you’re living somewhere poorer! I’ve had to get jabs, take medication for malaria and rabies (!!!), buy a bunch of summer clothes, find somewhere to rent, sort out transportation and more. I’m looking forward to finishing all the prep I’ve worked so hard on so I can enjoy the actual trip.

Current obsessions:

Deadline Funnel. I’m still totally obsessed with this gem and I’ll be using it to add deadlines to all of my future offers. I’ve only been using it for two weeks and it has already converted a few subscribers into customers. This tool is SO worth the investment! I pay £29 a month for it but it’s already made hundreds.

Wire framing CC. If you’re looking for a quick and beautiful way to create wireframes for your web design projects, this is the tool for you.

Proof Me. If you’re worried about how to send proofs to your client (do you send PDFs? JPEGS? What???) then give this tool a try. It’s specifically for sending proofs to clients and will also make sure your clients don’t violate copyrights and use all the mockups.

How to outsource & delegate to a virtual assistant

You can find lots of VA’s in Heather Crabtree’s Facebook group, Savvy Business Owners.

What to outsource… while you’re on holiday
Customer service
Social media
Transferring money from your accounts

What to outsource… in every day business
Blog management
Newsletter management
Sending client gifts
Project management
Or anything you don’t have time for OR hate doing!