Welcome to The Shelancers Club!

The club is made up of two parts:

  1. This membership page which is updated on the 30th of every month with 2 new audio lessons and 1 behind-the-scenes look at my business. Scroll down to The Library below to go through all previous content!
  2. A private Facebook community where we discuss all things freelance and help each other improve our businesses. Come and join the fun! 

To get started, you need to register as an official shelancer!

1. Register as an official member below. You'll then receive one email a month notifying you when new content is available on this page!

Need to cancel your subscription?

If you pay directly via Paypal and DIDN'T sign up through Tinypass... email us at hi@shelancer.co with the email address you paid with and my assistant will cancel your subscription for you.

If you pay via Tinypass... Head to dashboard.tinypass.com and log in. Under My Library, you will see each of your currently active subscriptions. Click on The Shelancers Club. You'll then see a button to cancel your subscription. Unfortunately, we can't cancel Tinypass subscriptions for you; the user has to do it themselves.

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